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KALADDIGA The traditional ”Kaladdiga” gives you that elegant look and is the perfect accompaniment to a kancheepuram saree when you dress up for a party or a wedding. The ruby red Kemp stones give an ethnic look and the pendant with its intricate work - a timeless allure to the ornament.

KANDASSARAM This necklace has captured the eye of women right from the ages of ancient princesses and many of them have been portrayed in the famous Raja Ravi Varma paintings wearing this classic jewellery. Tiny half moons set with stones of brilliant red are strung together to be worn high on the neck either as a choker or as a traditional necklace.

LAKSHMI ROOPAM MALA An all time favourite amongst the traditional jewellery of Kerala, this piece has always found the pride of place in a bride’s jewellery collection. It has the chiselled form of the Goddess Lakshmi, embossed on each coin and these coins are strung together overlapping one another to form an alluring piece of art in gold.

POOTHALI Poothali or the “flower necklace” captures the ethereal beauty of a blossom, with its perfectly shaped flower motifs symmetrically arranged between the traditional “keeripallu” (gold work) on top and the tiny thalis which shimmer and sparkle at the other end. This ornament has always occupied the pride of place in a bride’s trousseau.

CHUGAPPUKKALL PEARL ADDIGA This simple but elegant necklace leaves a trailing blaze with the brilliance of the ruby red stones accentuated by the soft allure of the pearl clusters strung on each unit. This is a perfect accompaniment to your party attire and is sure to turn many a head your way.

VILKASU NECKLACE This exquisite piece of jewellery which was a perfect accompaniment to the finest “munde and neriyadu” the ladies of the royal families used to wear, in their days of glory, has been recreated and revived in all its allure and we proudly present before you this masterpiece-Each unit has an intricate embossed design which is aptly accentuated by the gold work at the top and the jathi stones at the bottom.